Anonymous asked:
Hey :) How does one get motivated? Can u share any tips please? :)

hmm, tips? For me, I feel someone giving you motivation that I use doesn’t work so I can’t give you something that I know…sorry.

What I mean by that is that I feel like motivation is the most effective when you find it yourself. Like if you saw someone on my blog that catches your eye. Or you saw a fitblr who’s posts have a certain level of tough love that you need. You go to their blog and fall in love. So if I were to give any tips on how to get motivated it would be to find your own motivation. If it’s a guy or a girl. That trip in a year or just for yourself. Find it for you, because it becomes something personal!


Those legs!
unifitbitch asked:
Can you please promo me ? I love your blog by the way xxx ❤️

I mean I don’t really do promos anymore but I can post this and see what happens! Thanks for the love :)

another submission from curlysueboogaloo!
(1/2) Submission from rad-dancing! Welcome to the Hall of Fame! You have an amazing body!

Been putting some serious work into my butt and I think it’s paying off! Starting to love my little pasty buns.

The fact that you called your butt ‘little pasty buns’ makes this post 10 times better!
Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

A random drunk guy downtown: “Your back. Nice muscles. Keep lifting the weights.”

random blog on tumblr: Welcome to The Hall of Fame

No wonder back squats have been more comfortable. Look at that meaty, meaty trap cushion.

who knew…lifting gives you wings!


No! You can’t go to bed I have so many questions… like how are you so perfect?

Peace, Love & Protein 

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!
…a sandwich of beautiful people…
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She’s back with another awesome submission! fujiberryfitness still looks amazing!

My legs are finally getting bigger! Yes!