Anonymous asked:
You're really pretty. You have an amazing body. And you have lips and eyes to die for.

You should really click on the picture and send that to the person it was truly meant for but I’m posting because I feel everyone deserves to be told this at least once.

wizardnutz asked:
This is the nicest blog ever.

Thanks ! Nicest compliment I’ve gotten in a while.



That back!

Got a little pump tonight


It’s been a slow process.. Finally showing divets.. Slacked off for a while but have been eating healthier in the kitchen and it’s making big changes … Never gaining that freshman 15.. Or sophomore 15..junior… Ya feel me?

Ok you seriously look amazing! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

Post core training. Those lower babies just don’t want to pop yet. 

Hey little ab-babies, fancy seein’ you here.

Jealous! Your abs are perfect.

Felt sexy in the morning, decided to share that feeling with my fitblrs

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

I was taking progress pictures today and, damn, my upper body is killin it ^__^

So amazing!

Dat chest progress tho

Your smile is so cute! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

Idk feeling proud of my progress

You should be proud you look amazing! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!
Submission from rad-dancing!
stephaay asked:
Thank you ! Means a lot :)


La La La! 

You guys miss me? :) ~maybe